Windows Build Instructions

This BUILD file contains the instructions for building the Windows version of GPhotos 2. If you are looking for the MacOS build instructions, go here.

Note that the instructions listed in this file may differ from the ones listed on the official GPhotos website. Proceed with caution.

System Prerequisites

Note: some of the apps required to build GPhotos may need administrator permission to install onto the system. If you are not the administrator or do not have administrative rights to your computer, consult your IT administrator before proceeding with building GPhotos.

Acquiring Source

Visual Studio Method (recommended)

  1. Go to
  2. Click the "Clone" button in the upper-right hand corner and then click "Clone in Visual Studio".
  3. Visual Studio will open up. Change the directory as needed before beginning the cloning process.
  4. Click "Clone" to begin the cloning process.

Git Terminal Method

  1. Open the Command Prompt.
  2. Create a developer directory by typing mkdir Developer exactly; enter the directory by typing cd Developer afterwards.
  3. Type in git clone into the terminal to begin the cloning process. Enter your username and password as needed. If you do not_ have Git credentials set up, create a pair on the Visual Studio Team Services website.

Setting Up Work Environment

Git will automatically work with Visual Studio if you have cloned the repository via Visual Studio; you don't need to set up anything there. Otherwise, you can use Visual Studio Code to sync your code.
  1. Open the Command Prompt and navigate to the GPhotos directory. Delete the nodemodules_ directory.
  2. Run npm install in the command prompt. This will install all the required Node modules.
  3. Close the command prompt and open the GPhotos folder in File Explorer.
  4. Rename index.html to index-mac.html if index-mac.html isn't already there or if index-win.html is present.
  5. Rename index-win.html to index.html if index-win.html exists or if no index.html file exists.

Running GPhotos w/o building

In the Command Prompt, run npm start. The GPhotos window will open and run without being built.

Build GPhotos

Run npm run buildWin into the command prompt. The final .exe files will be available in the dist\win folder.

A Note About APPX

GPhotos 2 is available for Windows via the Windows Store. When Node compiles and builds the Windows version, it will produce an EXE version of the app. If you want to make an APPX version, you need to use the Desktop Bridge and register for a Windows Developer account.

Distribute GPhotos

Use the built files in the dist folder on your system for distribution.

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